Main CEE2019 Information and rules for visitors

CEE2019 Information and rules for visitors

PARKING. During the exhibition we recommend to use public transport or leave the car near the metro station Tarasa Shevchenko.

ENTRANCE to the exhibition is near the registration area, which is located on the left side of the Exhibition Center.

CASHBOX. If the visitor has not purchased a ticket in advance, there is a cashbox next to the registration area where you can buy a ticket for the day you need.

MAP. Each visitor will receive a detailed exhibition map with a plan of stands and other rooms.

WARDROBE, is located opposite the gaming area, closer to the exit. There you can hand over your outerwear and leave bags, suitcases, backpacks, etc.

EMERGENCY ROOM where you can get first aid, is located next to the wardrobe.

INFORMATION DESK where you can get all information, is located directly in the center of the exhibition. While entering to the exhibition turn right and then go straight.

MAIN STAGE is located just behind the info stand, also in the exhibition center. Presentations, contests and competitions will take place on the main stage.

GAMING AREAS: there are two gaming areas where gaming tournaments will take place – the CEE Games DOTA 2 gaming area (while entering to the exhibition turn right twice and move straight) and the CEE Games CS:GO gaming area (is located in opposite direction, go straight while passing the exit and the wardrobe).

REST AND MEETING AREAS. There are two areas: one is located near the main stage, the other is located opposite the CEE Games CS:GO gaming area.

FOOD COURT. Indoor food court is located on the opposite side of the entrance (turn right and move straight to the end of the pavilion); STREET FOOD points are on the right of the exit of the exhibition.

RESTROOM. There is one new area with restrooms and a babysitting room. Near the exit turn left, move and turn left again.

It is strictly forbidden to:

  • break the general rules;
  • bring any types of weapons (gas, traumatic, cold, firearms, pneumatic, playing, stun guns, gas cartridges, etc.), other items that can be perceived or used as a weapon;
  • bring tools, devices, sports equipment (balls, bats, clubs, etc.);
  • bring vehicles (scooters, bicycles, hoverboards, roller skates, etc.) and vehicles for movements of the load (trolleys, etc.);
  • bring explosive, flammable, toxic, toxic and other substances (the security service is entitled to inspect bags and packages larger than A4 size) ;
  • сarry animals, snakes, birds, insects;
  • visitors should not wear dirty clothes and shoes, which can harm other visitors;
  • smoke in the pavilions of the exhibition. There are special zones for smoking indicated on the map;
  • go beyond restrictive lines or fencing in front of the exhibits or touch them or other installations, if there is no corresponding permission or appeal to enter non-expositional premises, including technical premises;
  • remove vehicles, equipment, materials and other exhibits from the exhibition halls;
  • take professional photo and video filming using a tripod without prior approval from the administration;
  • stick up or distribute printed materials (without prior permission);
  • provide any commercial services, in particular, excursion, not previously agreed with the administration;
  • make inscriptions on exhibits or objects located on the exhibition territory;
  • eat and drink at stands and exhibition areas (except for specially equipped places, which are indicated on the exhibition plan).

If irregularities are detected, the employees of the exhibition and (or) the security organization have the right to request those committing illegal acts to leave the exhibition on non-reimbursable loan. Violators also may be held accountable in accordance with current law.

Please note that children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by adults in the exhibition area.

Tickets and schedule for the exhibition can be found at:

The visitor agrees to follow the rules of conduct, and is solely responsible for the consequences in case of violations, particularly but not exclusively for material harm to the health, life of visitors and (or) third parties, and (or) exhibits etc