KYIV, SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2019

On September 27-29, 2019, CEE exhibition took place in Kyiv, this time combining two events - CEE and CEE GAMES 2019.

At CEE stands there were presentations and testing of products and solutions from various areas: system integration for business, consumer electronics, electrical goods, as well as electric transport.

CEE Games 2019 was entirely dedicated to gaming: top laptops and PCs, consoles, specialized gaming monitors, speakers, peripherals, latest cockpits, game tournaments, cosplay, merchandising, announcements of new games and their testing, etc.

  • General partner of the exhibition – Acer Predator.
  • Official partners – AMD and HP.
  • CEE GAME CUP partners – LG UltraGear, Legion by Lenovo, 2E GAMING.
  • Game zone partners – ARTLINE, DXRacer, GameInside.ua, HyperX, LG UltraGear, Legion by Lenovo, Republic of Gamers, World of Tanks.
  • MakeX Starter Ukraine partners BMS Techno Company, LIKO-SCHOOL and Ukrainian Global School.


  • The total area of more than 8,000 m2 united more than 100 exhibition stands with almost 300,000 individual items, which were seen by more than 32,775 visitors in three days.
  • There were three stages with large total prize fund tournaments: the qualifying round of the World Championship in the form of MakeX Starter Ukraine Robotics Championship of Ukraine; GAME CUP CEE game tournaments on CS:GO and DOTA 2; bright and realistic CEE COSPLAY tournament; Infinity Nado children's national blader tournament and Fortnite competition.
  • Over 70 competitions took place in two days, including competitions from Jazwares (Fortnite and Roblox), TCL, Panasonic, PlayStation, UAG, Ardesto, 2E and many other participants.
  • More than 10 presentations took place on the main stage in two days, including Acer and Predator, Blackview, Smart Koala, etc.


  • 1st place – One Way, UAH 50,000
  • 2nd place – Royalty, UAH 25,000
  • 3rd place – Haunted Family, UAH 15,000
  • 4th place – OG, UAH 10,000
  • 1st place – SOLEWAR SQUAD, UAH 50,000
  • 2nd place – BaffiK Ultras, UAH 25,000
  • 3rd place – Team Darcos, UAH 15,000
  • 4th place – Skill Team, UAH 10,000
MakeX – Ukraine
  • 1st place – Yellow Cat, Restless.
  • 2nd place – SSG, Rainy Brain.
  • 3rd place – Robotics Bucovina, SpaceORT.
  • Best mentor of the competition: Crazy Carrots team.
  • Best robot design: Team F.
  • Best alliance: Robotics Bucovina & Rainy Brain.
CEE Cosplay
  • Grand Prix: @mockingbird_shuiki, Dark Shakrat – Dark Souls 2 – Bearer of the Curse, Chosen Undead, UAH 10,000
  • Best craft: Incultus – Warhammer Total War – Wulfrik the Wanderer, UAH 5,000
  • Best tailoring: Le Blanc – Overwatch – Ashe, UAH 5,000
  • Best performance: Steise – Witcher 3 Wild Hunt – Ciri, UAH 5,000

Feedback from visitors, exhibitors, partners and bloggers is mostly about expanding the scale and directions of the exhibition, as well as creating a single area that unites and interests a wide variety of people.

Regarding the importance of CEE & CEE Games for partners and interested audience Volodymyr Kostenko, CEO of the exhibition organizer – ERC, said:

“For Ukraine and many other countries, this is a rather unusual situation, when the exhibition is arranged not by an agency or a company that specializes in organizing such events, but by a distributor. This surprises many people, and for us, 10 years ago, it was a real challenge. We now understand that we can do this when we are trusted not only by our partners and vendors, but also by the vendors and partners of our colleagues and even competitors. The exhibition is open to all participants, regardless of their attitude to ERC distribution portfolio. This is a challenge that we have taken on and plan to expand it."

Volodymyr also shared his plans for the future:

"The plans are big. There is a large shortage of space. If we had such an infrastructure in Kyiv as, for example, in Germany, this exhibition would be much more powerful. We did not even include here what we have and what other participants wanted to show. We do not plan to build our own sites, this is not our business. So, in such conditions, we will focus on certain areas. It is very tempting to organize an exhibition in all four areas: consumer electronics - separately, household appliances - separately, gaming - separately, toys - separately. This is not a plan, this is how it should be. But not now and not in the next year."

Regarding the trends observed at international exhibitions, Volodymyr Kostenko said:

"CES is a world exhibition that attracts the attention of the world's most important players. And we have a Ukrainian exhibition, but with ambitions that we will grow and become an Eastern European exhibition."

Sonia Rapazinho, Territory Manager T2, noted the stylish design of game zones and the skills of gamers:

"The Borderlands and NBA stands are amazing. The players impress with their professionalism and passion for games."

Maciej Jalowiec, Commercial Operations Manager CEE, Poland & Russia at Activision Blizzard, emphasized that this is his first but very productive working trip to Ukraine:

"I learned a lot about the Ukrainian audience and its preferences." When asked to describe CEE Games 2019 in one sentence, he said: "If you are a real gamer - this is exactly the place where you should be!".
About Company

ERC (Enhanced Resource Company) is a professional distributor in Ukraine since 1995 with its own time-tested effective methods of channel development and maintenance, pre- and after-sales service. Starting with consumer electronics, computer and office equipment, ERC continues to grow. The range includes household appliances, products from the latest segments of gaming, electric vehicles, robotics, 3D printers, products for children, children's toys, transport, etc. ERC offers products, ideas and solutions for both government and commercial enterprises, as well as for households. ERC is ready for new areas of cooperation. If you are interested in cooperation or have any questions, please contact us: info@erc.ua